This blog was initially going to be about Warhammer Fantasy Battle and Warhammer 40K and how I came back to it after a long time. Part of the blog will still be about that aspect of my hobby.

I’ve become interested in other miniature wargame systems and re-kindled a love for good board games, so this site is going to be about following the development of all the systems I get on board with, but will also be a complete (or at least as complete as I can make it) encyclopedia of board games and tabletop wargames with downloadable resources and lots of information.

I’ve also incorporated two other blogs into here now; RPG Encyclopedia and CCG Project. Here are the introductions from those blogs:

The CCG Project

I’ve been playing and collecting various card games since 1995 when Ice Age (Magic: the Gathering) came out, and during that time I’ve sold and rebought various collections of different games; Magic: the Gathering, V.T.E.S., Legends of the Five Rings, Pokemon, Hex and Mythos being the main ones.

After all these tries I’ve finally decided to start collecting all T.C.G.s and C.C.G.s that are being produced and have been produced, I know it’s a really tall order but it’s worth doing to have at least one of each card of each game that has been produced, and to have all these cards in one place.

My main focus for myself will be Magic: the Gathering and Legends of the Five Rings as these are my two favourite card games, and I will be aiming for playsets of each of these games. Though to be truthful I’m only really playing Commander/EDH in Magic: the Gathering at the moment so only really need one of each card.

I would be grateful for any donations of cards that you are no longer using, and will eventually have a swap list up on the site to help me get the Project completed.

Another part of the CCG Project will be collecting as much information about these games as I can, including, for example, club locations, shop locations, downloadable resources, and artist details.

RPG Encyclopedia:

Zero Charisma
Zero Charisma
RPG Encyclopedia is going to be a place where I can collate all the information and resources I can find regarding pen&paper RPGs.

I’ve played RPGs since the late 70s starting with a really early version of Dungeons & Dragons. Since then I’ve played loads of different RPGs, including; Vampire, Call of Cthulhu, Maid, GURPS and Star Wars.

I have loads of books, magazines and downloads from over about 35 years of gaming and want to share as much of that information as I can, though I’m always looking for more information that I’ve not got.

I thought it would be easier to pull all the information into one place, and here is that place.

Any help with information I’ve missed or got wrong or any donations of games systems to review would be gratefully accepted!