Shoddy KR Multicase

Popped Rivet
Popped Rivet
I’ve had the KR Multicase for a few years now, four or five, but had never had to use the strap as this big case was mainly used for storage in the loft or when it was used to transport things it was put in the car.

Recently though I’ve been without a car and three time have used this large one with the strap as it’s about a mile to the game club.

Last night though as I was leaving the club the rivet of the strap attachment point popped, letting the case swing down and hit the floor (not too much damage to the case or the minis inside, just some re-attachment of extremities).

This is clearly not fit for purpose as all the models in the box were, and in the past were, plastic and not even completely full.

Will seriously have to think on using another companies large carry cases in the future.

Shoddy workmanship by KR here.

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