Second GW 8th ed Q&A live cast rundown

Primaris Space Marine
Primaris Space Marine
Here is a rundown of what was discussed on the live cast Q&A (links to both are at the bottom of the page)

What is a Primaris Space Marine?

  • New generation of Space Marine
  • Bigger, more powerful
  • More focused in their battlefield role “Very, very, specific” – in regards to their roles
  • there will be other types in the future, though each type will still be specialized

Indomitus Crusade pt.1

  • Tells about what Guiliman has been up to
  • Banded together parts of the Imperium
  • Created new Primaris Marines
  • New founding of Primaris Marines
    • Ultima Founding – Entire Chapters of just Primaris Marines
    • All marines gifted with Primaris Tech to use their own gene seed
  • Not all test tube babies, can be made from recruits
  • Existing Marines can be upgraded to Primaris
  • Add them as you like to your existing army

What is Mk. X and what about Mk. IX?

  • New class of armor, not just for one troop type (alluded to different abilities)
  • What happened to IX–who knows? It’s a mys!

Second part of the discussion on the Indomitus Crusade


  • Guilliman travels to give Primaris Marine tech to all Loyalist Chapters
  • Fighting vs Chaos
  • War on all fronts, including Xenos threats
  • He’s trying to help where he can – but the Galaxy is kind of on fire

Creating the new rules

  • How long has it taken to develop 8th? At least 18 months – probably longer
  • Lots of testing, lots of background changes
  • Improving Three Ways to Play
    • Specialized more for each
    • take feedback and improve each version of 3 ways to play–match play, narrative, and open
  • Continue to playtest the rules
  • update rules for match play, narrative, and open as and when needed

Army competitiveness/parity at competitive level?

  • Lots of playtesting and future playtesting
  • Not afraid to make changes in the future
  • And react to feedback quickly

FAQ/Feedback sites

  • There working on ways to get feed back in the future
  • Currently it’s just Facebook/events/in person
  • Later they will have a new “forum-esq” site

How many people in the Imperium know about Guilliman’s return?

  • Not many regular Imperial Joes know about him.
  • Think about it – Not everyone knows about Space Marines
  • If one shows up on your planet? It’s not good.
  • Who knows about Guilliman? Upper echelons of Military Orders, High Lords, Chapter Masters etc, that’s about it

Primaris Marines — all From Mars?

  • Primaris Marines – first batch is from Mars
  • Eventually all Chapters will be able to make their own – Guilliman is gifting the tech to chapters so they can create their own

Melee vs Combat?

  • Close combat is much more devastating
  • Surrounded units CAN’T Fall Back
  • Units are a lot quicker
  • Sweeping advance – consolidate from one combat to the next – remember doing that with Genestealers once 😀
  • Combat happens twice per game turn vs shooting’s once per game turn

How will “Initiative weapons” work?

  • Lash Whips = Combat Interrupt. Not the only weapon, but it’s an example
  • Power Fists will be -1 to hit! But if it hits, it hits hard.
  • Unwieldy could be minus to hit
  • Other factors other than initative to influence who hits when
  • Basically, if a weapon had a rule that impacted the way it worked on the initiative step, GW has tweaked those weapons via other modifiers besides “initiative”

Selecting Psychic Power – pick them or roll?

  • Match play – you can choose or roll
  • Open / Narrative play – optional
  • YOU get to choose: Random or pick

Perils of the Warp – still a threat?

  • Yes – but no major details

Choosing armies

  • Force Org. detachment for pretty much every army. Even an army entirely made of Elites – there is probably a force org chart for that

How will you tailor your army?

  • More access to command points, stratagems, army specific rules
  • You tailor based on Keywords

Specific Army Rules – this one was unscripted so it’s very general concepts

  • these are just a couple of examples
  • Imperial Fist – Better vs. Defending/fortifications
  • White Scars – Hit and Run

Battle Forge Army. Each Unit/Detachment must share one keyword, Examples:

  • Imperium – limit stratagems to just generic “Imperium”
  • Space Marine – Gain access to Space Marine Stratagems on top of the Imperium Stratagems
  • Chapter – Specific Chapter Strategems on top of the others
  • The more specific the key word the -deeper- you can go with the Stratagems

Characters in transports

  • Based on transport capacity, not number of units
  • Characters can hitch a ride with a unit
  • You could fit 2×5 man units in 10 capacity transports
  • If a transport has a capacity of 12, you could fit a 10 man squad + 2 other characters for a total of 12

Command Squads have rules to help protect characters

  • Tyrant Guard example
  • Command Squad example
  • Lookout, Sir! type rules

Rules for Drop Pods

  • 9″ Away from enemies
  • Units deploying from the Drop Pod at least 9″ away from enemy

New vs Old weapon changes

  • Weapons have been rebalanced
  • Grav weapons shouldn’t be the auto-include that they are now

Combos for competitive play?

  • Yes, with Keyword Mechanic it’s still a thing
  • Combine Keyword combos and Psychic Powers – competitive players can still build power lists

Explosive weapons without templates?

  • They still hit pretty hard
  • Battle Cannons seemed to work just fine for Pete

Invulnerable Saves?

  • Work pretty much the same
  • Saves are an “instead of” roll vs an “in addition too”

“Power from Pain” happens -after- damage roll

  • Come back on a 6
  • You still take the damage, so it’s a lot like an additional save

Large Creatures – will they get to Smash?

  • Yes! Good save, Bit faster, and smashy
  • Large Creatures will work!

Wound allocation

  • Defenders choice
  • No longer directional
  • Defending player chooses where the wounds go

Can I play an entire army of Dreadnoughts?

  • Yes

Legion Strength – Will The Codex get redacted/replaced?

  • Well, -the chap who wrote it is back- and it did not go well in 10,000 years, so we’ll find out!

Primaris Marines and Chaos influence

  • They’ve been designed to resist, but we’ll wait and see

Tactical vs Primaris Marines

  • You should take both – they serve different roles
  • Tactical marines are more flexible, Primaris Marines are there for specific battlefield roles
  • You’ll see this repeated thought the Primaris types vs -regular- Space Marine roles

Primaris Psyker
Primaris Psyker
Psychic Powers

  • Mix of old and new. “The intention of those powers” will be kept for new and old powers
  • Example: Mindwar – it’s a classic power, but it might be tweaked slightly for new edition

How will you collect feedback?

  • Now – Facebook, events, Twitch
  • Later – Working on a new site for feedback
  • Forum-ish site with upvotes/downvotes – Hot or Not?

GW and Tournaments

  • Yes, working with and talking with them. Giving advice and more interaction with T. O.

Terminators, will they feel like Terminators on the battlefield?

  • Yes.

Will you continue playtesting 8th after the release?

  • Yes, even after the release.

More Primarchs?

  • Possibly, they mentioned a ‘cowled’ one, could be Mortarion?

First Q&A

Second Q&A

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