Age of the Primarchs

Roboute Guilliman
Roboute Guilliman
With the coming of Guilliman, Cypher and the Yvraine, we should have known something was up, with some denying the rumours of a shake up to Warhammer 40K.

So when we got the announcement there was a great wailing and gnashing of teeth, though the Powers stated that they were not AoSing 40K (though I actually like the simplicity of Age of Sigmar), people were suspicious and didn’t want to lose the 40 years of fluff that has accumulated like a huge big, blue, belly button full.

The only problem was that along with the fluff came a bloating of the rules, I gave up playing when people were bringing at least 3 hardback books along with them for a friendly game, some needed several. This, in my opinion, needed streamlining and it looks as though this has happened.

The few rule changes we have see so far are reminiscent of the mechanics of Age of Sigmar:

Though the important thing seems to be that the baby hasn’t been thrown out with the bathwater and the fluff has not been cast aside but has been moved forward.

So a streamlining of the mechanics of the game whilst keeping the fluff and history that everyone understood/misunderstood/misinterpreted/retconned/ignored seems a good thing to me and I’m really looking forward to getting my first games of this new edition in.

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