Asgard Wargames stocking ‘Gangs of Commoragh’

Gangs of Commoragh
Gangs of Commoragh
I often get a lot of my pre-orders from Asgard Wargames in Middlesbrough for a couple of reasons, good service and great bargains.

This one though really takes the biscuit, the contents of the ‘Gangs of Commoragh’ box are RRP £79 for an RRP of £35 but if you pre-order this weekend (21st and 22nd January 2017) you get these for a marvelous price of £27.

Now I don’t know how good they actually are but the fact that you get a small board game from Games Workshop with it as well adds to that value as a lot of the recent board game releases by Games Workshop have been great fun.

So pop over to Stephen’s site and order from a nice guy – (and no I don’t get any more money off for this post).

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