Snow-basing miniatures

I have been looking at snow-basing some of my Bolt Action miniatures and was looking for advice around the Internet.

There was a good thread on the Facebook Bolt Action group –

The gist of the thread was that there are several ways to do this, depending on the outcome you desired.

Baking Soda and PVA Glue (superglue or water effect) and other DIY effects:

Tamás Lehoczky
Tamás Lehoczky
Tamas suggested this and gave this image as an example of how to do it, Richard McClean suggested that less on the base is a better thing so be subtle with this technique.

A twist on this technique was suggested by Andy Singleton who uses Vallejo Water Effect as the carrier for the baking soda to great effect.

Superglue was also suggested as a carrier for the baking soda, but be careful not to glue your fingers together, and it does give an even consistency to the snow.

Richard also suggested cheap Wall Filler from Poundland (or your countries equivalent), squeeze a small amount out, let it harden, crush and then glue into place, and it actually glistens like snow.

Specific commercial products:

Bo Joe
Bo Joe
Army Painter snow was suggested by Earl Robinson. Will Wright suggested snow flock added to Secret Weapons crushed glass and then added to water effects.

The one that showed a really deep snow effect though was Woodland Scenic’s snow flock mixed 50/50 with PVA glue, as suggested by Bo Joe, thought it looked really good the deep snow effect.

Now to experiment and see which technique I like best for myself.

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