Wrath of Kings

From Gareth Anderson on Facebook

Afternoon all. After the death of Warhammer we have had a large spike in Newcastle for Wrath of Kings the next big fantasy game. We already have a strong group and looking to expand. Wrath of Kings is developed by coolminiornot and is designed to scale from skirmish to all out war.

Wrath of Kings
Wrath of Kings
Beautiful models, all rules free on the site, cheap prices and an elegant game system all make this the new ‘it’ game around.
I’m looking to promote and build more communities in the North and heard you club may be interested. If so me and some of the guys are more than happy to put and open day on for you guys so you can see the models and try the game for yourself, I am in already in talks with seven local retailers who hopefully will be stocking.

Please feel free to check the links below and let me know your favourite faction/model on the site and hopefully pop up to see you guys soon 🙂

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xfrZ5o09cig – Wrath of Kings video


https://www.facebook.com/groups/1669520493316467/ – Facebook group for Wrath of Kings

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