VappaFaux February 7th 2016, York, UK

There’s still plenty of places left for VappaFaux tournament on Sunday 7th February at York racecourse. Part of the Vapnartak Wargames show, so you get entry to the show and get to play 3 games of Malifaux on top.

Vapnartak (aka Vappa, Varpatnik, Vappa Dappa Ding Dong or however you prefer to pronounce it) is an annual gaming show held each year at York and features lots of traders, demo games, a tabletop sale and a ton of other stuff. The event takes place in the Knavesmire stand at York race course which is a really nice venue for a tournament.

There is space reserved for up to 56 players. The format will be fixed faction, 3 rounds, 45SS per round. That gave a good long lunch break last year to allow a look round the event, it’ll be about 5 minutes shorter this year to accommodate the slightly longer round times.

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