Changing it up a bit…

Marcus and his friends
Marcus and his friends
I’ve got a little predictable in the crews that I bring to the table in Malifaux, so I may start mixing it up a bit from now on with a different crew.

I think the clue is in the picture ๐Ÿ˜‰

Marcus and his Woodland Critters, I have a lot of beasts already but I think I may have to expand on my collection.

¹ are the beasts I have, and I think I’ll fill the spaces by getting all the Arcanist beasts first, then see what I like from the others.

This may be the dip into Gremlins that I said I would never do ๐Ÿ˜‰



  • Sabertooth Cerberus (9ss, Enforcer, Wave 1)¹
  • Blessed of December (9ss, Enforcer, Wave 2)
  • Myranda (8ss, Henchman, Wave 1)¹
  • Cojo (8ss, Enforcer, Wave 1)¹
  • Slate Ridge Mauler (8ss, Minion, Wave 2)¹
  • Razorspine Rattler (7ss, Minion, Wave 1)¹
  • Hoarcat Pride (5ss, Minion, Wave 1)
  • Moleman (4ss, Minion Wave 1)
  • Malifaux Raptor (3ss, Peon, Wave 2)
  • Jackalope (2ss, Totem, Wave 1)¹
  • The Scorpius (6ss, Minion, Wave 3)


  • Rogue Necromancy (10ss, Enforcer, Wave 2)
  • Shikome (8ss, Minion, Wave 2)
  • Canine Remains (4ss, Minion, Wave 1)
  • Night Terror (3ss, Minion, Wave 2)


  • Spawn Mother (9ss, Henchman, Wave 2)
  • Silurid (7ss, Minion, Wave 1)¹
  • Waldgeist (6ss, Minion, Wave 1)¹
  • Gupps (4ss, Minion, Wave 2)
  • Corrupted Hound (3ss, Minion, Wave 3)


  • War Pig (9ss, Minion, Wave 1)
  • The Sow (8ss, Minion, Wave 2)
  • Wild Boar (6ss, Minion, Wave 2)
  • Piglet (4ss, Minion, Wave 1)


  • Guild Hound (3ss, Minion, Wave 2)

Ten Thunders

  • Dawn Serpent (10ss, Minion, Wave 1)¹
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