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'Accelerate to attack speed'
‘Accelerate to attack speed’
With the selection committee now in place, we are in a position to begin to share the process that we will be following for Team England ETC selection for 2016.

A selection Event will be held in each of our Regions (5) in Total. Details on these will be available when we have confirmations from Venues.

Each event will follow the same format:
· 100pt Dog fights, following standard rules
· 4-5 Rounds depending on numbers in attendance
· £10 entry fee
· All players upon registration are to register if they qualify for Team England Selection or to be considered as a Merc player
· Event to be open to all players
· Each candidate can attend a maximum of 1 Regional Event.
· Top 6 placed players qualify (*)

o Please note if you have finished in the Top 6 at a Regional qualifier and are not wanting to be selected into Team England then you will not qualify for the Final

Following this event, the 6 selected players from each region will be invited to take part in the final selection event which will be held in March in a central location. There is no further entry fee as this will be covered through the ticket sales from regional events.

The final will consist of:
· 100pt dogfights
· 5 rounds Swiss
· Invitation Only (spectators allowed)
· 6 Players will be selected. Whilst finishing in the Top 6 will go a long way to help, this is not the only consideration. Other areas including faction and sportsmanship (See disclaimer below) will be considered. More information on the final will be announced shortly.

(*) This selection process aims to select not only a high quality of players for Team England but also those who will best represent the England X-Wing scene. As a result we will also be taking into account, knowledge of the game, ability to work with other players, and sportsmanship towards opponents are also weighted factors for overall selection. If members of the committee feel that player(s) are unable to demonstrate these abilities then we reserve the right to not select individuals to represent Team England.

As we set out initially, we aim to keep this process transparent to all participants and players alike. Each event will be ticketed and will be using venues that we can acquire at a reasonable cost. All profits made during qualification and subsequent practice events will go towards logistical support for Team England players.

For more information on this, please join the ETC facebook group linked below:

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