Waugh Armour comes over the horizon

I had received word from Brian that the range of armour for 15mm scale wargaming was reaching readiness so we arranged for a day when I could come through and have another look and chat.

So as I got through today Brian was just coming out from the back having cast a load of barrels for the tanks in white metal and the back table was full of rods of various shapes and sizes and turrets for various armoured vehicles and were all shiny straight out of the mould, looking ready to add to the various packs that were making ready for sale.

One of the other things I saw on the table as I walked in to Waugh Games was eight WWI allied tanks and was told that there were going to be French and German WWI tanks joining them soon.

Another sneak peak was the Siege Mortar, a large multi-piece model which would be a great centre piece for a battlefield.

The next treat was the base-painted Panthers, even just base-painted they looked great, making all the detail pop out and showing how good the models are, and how much will show up when painted well (or even as well as I paint things 😉 ).

briansarmour19The initial range, which will be on the Waugh website for sale tonight, consists of King Tiger (the most expensive in the range at the moment), Tiger, Panther, Jagdpanther, and the LV70 Panzer. Then at the weekend 3 variants each of the Panzer 3 and Panzer 4 will be added, so along with the WWI Allied tank that will be 14 different armoured vehicles for sale.

Price point is King Tiger (approx £6) but the rest at £4.50, but Brian is offering deals of a box of 5 for £20 for most of the vehicles, and then it gets really good at 3 boxes for £50 and 5 boxes for £80 making each vehicle about £3.50 each. Again this is done without compromising detail and quality, especially considering that the vehicles are in two or three pieces each.

There will be even more to come for Stand To and Battleground, including Chaffee, Churchill, various Sherman variants and then even more for the New Year. The plan is to have 13 designs for WWI, 100 designs for WWII and Modern armoured vehicles too, most of these have been digitally designed and finishing touches have to be made.

Brian explained how many steep learning curves there has been in developing these products but now that they are going on the shelves for sale that it was all worth it, no matter how big a pain in the arse some of those learning curves were, as the models are all turning out nicely now.

In comparison to other companies products these are hitting the cheap and cheerful price spot but without compromising a lot of detail to keep the price down.

I’m personally looking forward to getting to grips with some Jagdpanther as I’ve always loved the look of the tank and want to field some with my German Flames of War army.

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