Kickstarter Monday – 05/10/15

What I’ve been doing recently has been saving any Kickstarters that come across my feed in Facebook or Twitter that grab my fancy and will eventually be doing a round-up once a week of the projects that have caught my eye.

Warpath – The Sci-fi Battle Game

This one has come across my feeds quite a lot and after looking into it you can see why.

There are two different play modes to suit what you feel like doing or your budget.

Warpath is the mass-combat strategy game that allows you to play massive sci-fi battles on the tabletop, quickly and affordably. Using Warpath’s innovative Orders system, you’ll command an army of infantry, elite specialists and hi-tech vehicles, in a dynamic game of strategy and tactics.

Warpath: Firefight is the squad-level battle game where every soldier matters. With an emphasis on cinematic battles between as few as 30 soldiers a side, the game is designed to zoom in on the action, with a focus on dynamic, tactical games, whilst retaining Mantic’s game design philosophy of being easy to learn and fast paced. Ideal if you are looking for an alternative to other games on the market.

Currently it is backed with 6 days left to go.

Corvus Belli’s INFINITY Roleplaying Game

Infinity RPG
Infinity RPG
I’ve always loved the look of Infinity and the fluff background to the miniature game has always been quite interesting, Corvus Belli have now decide to expand that universe into an RPG.

The Infinity universe was launched by Corvus Belli as a hugely-popular tabletop skirmish game in which sci-fi themed miniatures simulated futuristic battles across the alien battlefronts of Paradiso and the internecine conflicts of the Human Sphere. Before there was a skirmish game, though, there was an RPG: Infinity started life as a homemade RPG setting for the early roleplaying adventures of Corvus Belli founders Alberto, Carlos, Fernando, and Gutier. We’ve been playtesting the Infinity RPG with hundreds of people for the last 9 months, working hard to recapture the excitement of those first sessions and ensure that the feel of the Infinity universe will be captured in your own campaign!

This Kickstarter has funded the production of a beautiful full colour, hardback 368 page core rulebook for the roleplaying game. It will be sent out in PDF in December and the printed books in February 2016. We are also going to fund Faction supplements, campaign, amazing geomorphic tiles, custom dice, accessories, upgrades to increase the content in certain books and much more.

Again this is funded and has 12 days to go.

Keep an eye out for more to come.

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