2016 Store Championship email list

I’ve spent most of the day going through last years list of Store Championship shops and sorting out an email list to contact these stores and get details on the tournaments they are going to hold.

The information I want are the details of the 2016 Store Championships for Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures, Star Wars Armada, Imperial Assault, Game of Thrones Living Card Game, Netrunner Living Card Game, Warhammer Conquest Living Card Game and Star Wars Living Card Game.

The list so far includes some that I have no contact email address for and was wondering if anyone knew these could they contact me and let me know 🙂

Also if there are stores that I haven’t listed please let me know, this is the International list so please remember to give me country of origin when you contact me.

After this I want to send out a monthly email asking for the stores to let me know of their upcoming tournaments, and I will then add the clubs I know of to the list.

  • indicates I have no contact email for this store
  • 4th Planet Games
  • A Fistful of Dice
  • Athena Games
  • Battlequest Games
  • Beanie Games
  • Big Orbit Games
  • Bristol Independent Gaming
  • Chimera Leisure
  • Clifton Road Games
  • Common Ground Games*
  • Dark Sphere
  • Entoyment Wargaming
  • Excelsior
  • Firestorm Games
  • Galactic Models
  • The Gamers’ Emporium
  • Games Hub, Edinburgh
  • The Gamers Outpost
  • Gamerz Nexus*
  • The Games Pit*
  • The Games Shop
  • Games of War*
  • Goldmane Games
  • Groovy Frog Comics
  • Harlequins HQ
  • Hide N Geek
  • The Hobbit Hole
  • IQ Games Centre*
  • Kirton Games
  • LaserZone Tabletop Gaming Centre*
  • Lost Ark Games
  • Marquee Models
  • Nexus Gaming Centre*
  • Outpost Wargaming
  • Patriot Games
  • Promethean Games
  • Sanctuary Gaming Centre
  • Settlers
  • Shadow Games
  • Spellbound Games*
  • Stafford Games
  • Tole Haven*
  • Travelling Man, Leeds*
  • Travelling Man, Newcastle*
  • War Boar Gaming*
  • War and Hobby*
  • Warez Gaming*
  • Wargames Emporium
  • Wargames Workshop
  • Waylands Forge
  • indicates I have no contact email for this store.
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