2016 Store Championships

Last year I got a compiled list of Star Wars X-Wing Store Championships together but I was a bit late in starting the process, but now that the starting process for the Store Championships has been announced by FFG I will start the process of compiling the lists for each of them.

I will get lists for all the Star Wars FFG Store Championships (X-Wing, Armada, Imperial Assault and the LCG) the UK/IRL ones will go on www.redsquadron.org.uk as it did last year but this will be duplicated and expanded for our International brethren at www.potentiallylethal.co.uk.

The other Store Championships, including Conquest, will go onto www.potentiallylethal.co.uk and will be split into UK/IRL and International maps.

I will be getting an email out to all stores that I knew held them last year by the end of the week and if you know of any that weren’t on the list last year could you email me (stephen@potentiallylethal.co.uk).

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