Malifaux Emissaries

Shadow Emissary
Shadow Emissary
As the story progresses, Zoraida’s Effigies have evolved beyond her control into Emissaries of the various factions.

They still go by their first names though; Arcane (Arcanists), Brutal (Guild), Carrion (Resurrectionists), Hodgepodge (Outcasts), Lucky (Gremlin), Mysterious (Neverborn), and Shadow (Ten Thunders).

As a Ten Thunders player I was so pleased when it was revealed that the Emissary for Ten Thunders would be a dragon.

I think the concept art for them all is great and I am really interested in the Carrion Emissary but don’t really play Resurrectionists but may have to buy the model for the sculpt alone.

I do have a lot of Guild and Neverborn so that’s an easy buy to pick up their Emissaries as well and the Ten Thunder one.

The other part of this that looks great is the campaign that comes in the Shifting Loyalties book, with all the upgrades and possible negative effects it sounds like Mordheim but supported.

Can’t wait for all these goodies to hit the shelves.

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