Painting again

Ten Thunders crew
Ten Thunders crew
Been a long time since I’ve painted anything hobby wise.

The Malifaux league that’s run at Durham Raiders club in Croxdale Community Centre has achievements for playing with  fully painted crew, motivation I thought.

Luckily there are no requirements for the painting to be any good though, so if spray based my Ten Thunders models, with McCabe as the only master to paint so far.

Out of these I’m going to try and get 70SS worth of models painted reasonably quickly, basically the models I’ve used the most and hope to get a few games in with a fully painted crew.

I’m not sure how they will turn out but willing to give it a try to get some painting started again, I can only improve…

I also took advantage of the deal at Pets at Home to get some scenery from their aquarium range at a really good price :), there was quite a selection and for ready painted terrain £18 was a bargain for three pieces.

Two other hobby tasks for today are to paint up the acrylic X-Wing tokens I got from Cog’O’Two. I asked for them all to be white acrylic so that they match the manoeuvre templates I got from them a while back.

The other task is to sort out my Pandemic boxes as the bits are all over the place and it’s really annoying me.

Then if there’s time try and put together the wooden Mining scenery I bought from The Troll Trader, but there are so many pieces and it’s a bit off-putting really.

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