Scheming and running

McCabe and crew
McCabe and crew
Last night at Durham Raiders was my ninth game of Malifaux, and my ninth win.

This time though instead of setting out to beat the life out of my opponents models I thought I would actually try scheme running and denial for a change.

The schemes I took were Assassinate and Cursed Object, the shared strategy was Squatter’s Rights.

David was running Brewmaster and co. so I decided to just run McCabe’s box as Sidir and the Wastrels are immune to WP duels in their own Activation getting around one of the main problems with Brewmaster. I also took Luna to do a lot of running around the board.

As part of the league there are certain achievements that we have to gain for points and one of them is to let your opponent setup your crew, we both decided to tick this box tonight 🙂 so we both setup crews in huddles in far corners…

My plan was to give make Luna Badge of Speed and keep McCabe near her to make sure I could get it back if needed, this worked quite well in that I had claimed 3 Squat Markers by the end of turn 2, and was able to protect them and hand off a couple of Scheme Markers for Cursed Object by the end of turn three.

I kept the Wastrel’s and Sidir as a group, using their healing and shooting to deal with the Brewmaster to claim Assassinate before the end of turn 3 getting full points for it.

I was slowed a bit when Sidir was paralysed but the Wastrels healed him and were able to shoot a few other things to death, one Wastrel made a claim on David’s Squat Marker after the model near it had moved off denying him more than one VP for Squatter’s Rights throughout the game.

On turn 5 I could have got rid of one of David’s Scheme Markers to deny him points for his scheme but I didn’t, rather I concentrated on making sure I got points for my own schemes and secured the strategy areas.

Miss Ann Thrope
Miss Ann Thrope
In the end it was my 9VP to David’s 3VP and I didn’t even kill most of his models to do it (which has been my usual way of playing up until now 🙂 ), I was glad to remember to do Cursed Object as I usually forget to do these types of schemes, or haven’t even attempted them.

I’m looking forward to getting Miss Ann Thrope during the GenCon period as I know I will spend the qualifying amount on the site, just wondering if I can get a couple as they are multi-pose models allegedly.

It would be good to get different models for the Wastrel, though I don’t use them often I do like using them now and again as they are cheap and give out reasonable offence when in a group and the fact that they are Ruthless really helps.

Was a fun game with David, I’m looking forward to adding the Brewmaster to my Ten Thunders collection, now onto the nest games which should all be at 40SS, have some fun ideas for these with a really mixed collection that I’m getting together, just wish I could get me some Guild Hounds.

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