Waugh Games, Middlesbrough

Waugh Games
Waugh Games
Just popped through to have a look at Brian’s shop and gaming area as a few friends had been plugging it on Facebook, this is Waugh Games.

They have a new website up which you will find in the previous link, and you can also find them on Facebook.

I was greeted by Brian as I walked into the gaming space which is large and has loads of tables big enough to play any games system you want to.

There is also a good selection of products to buy, some of which, like the Dropzone Commander scenery, is produced in-house.

As I was chatting to Brian, another person was setting up hundreds of Napoleonic era troops ready for a battle tomorrow.

In chatting with Brian he has lots of great ideas of how to push the hobby further in the area and hopefully I will be able to share more of these with you as time progresses, but for the moment his next tournament is on the 13th June and is D-Day Offensive Bolt Action, but you will also find Brian at Durham Wargames Show 2015 on the same day.

For more event information you can go to their Facebook Event page.

Looking forward to hearing more from Brian and giving you more information about his ideas and where Waugh Gaming is heading.

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