Update – Pedion Modular Battlefield terrain

A quick update to an earlier post. This Kickstarter has been fully backed in less than 55 hours.

A quote from David Yeomans who actually got to see the terrain at GamesExpo in Birmingham over the weekend.

My wife & I were impressed when we saw the initial advert for this terrain and after reading George’s blog about the development process, we thought we might sign up for the KS – which we did on day 1.

This terrain seemed to be exactly what I would have built for myself had I the time, facilities and no arthritis in my hands!

Having just got home after visiting UKGE and seeing the boards for ourselves, we are able to wholeheartedly agree with the earlier review and cannot emphasise strongly enough how wonderful we think this terrain is. Even after some minor accidents with tiles being knocked off of the table, they remained undamaged which we think is testament to how well made they are.

We took some figures along to take pictures of them on the terrain and hopefully George will be able to use some of them to illustrate scale for you.

I want superb terrain to use my superbly painted figures on [my wife’s work!!] and this terrain fits the bill like no other!

Well done George – and thank you

I’ve signed up for the early bird updates at Prefundia so I will know as soon as the Kickstarter goes live.

For more details on the modular system go to www.pedionterrain.com


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