McCabe for Malifaux

Relic Hunters
Relic Hunters
After my initial demo of Malifaux at Durham Raiders I was really stoked to be getting my own crew and I was desperately waiting for my Dreamer crew to arrive for the league that was being started at the club.

As it got closer to the time of the league it became obvious that I wasn’t going to get Dreamer & Co. in time for the league and I would have to look to another Master for the league.

Initially I was going to go with another Neverborn crew but really wanted to spread around a bit and I eventually came up with McCabe. For reasons 1) I hadn’t really read much about him 2) He is dual faction and I was wanting to get some Ten Thunders models as well as Guild 3) He has a Sikh Henchman with a machine gun and 4) He has a horse and a dog.

I got this late Saturday and was left with very little time to put it together for the Tuesday night match, and though some of the pieces were fiddly and I made some mistakes of cutting things off that should have stayed I made them in time.

I did forget to bring tape measure or anything to scheme mark with though when I did get there on the Tuesday.

I was able to get two matches in on the night, so only need to get two more at 30 Soul Stones to finish my first round of games.

My first game was against Philip Sanderson and Nicodem’s Resurrectionists.

It was a bit of a learning curve during the game and we both kept forgetting abilities and triggers. Especially Immunity to Slow when within 6″ of Nicodem and my Push at the end of turn.

It was a fun game though 🙂 and seeing all those resurrected bodies coming back put me on a bit of a timer.

I used Squatter’s Rights (I got 3 points), Make Them Suffer (I got 3 points) and Assassinate (I got 3 points), Philip got 0 throughout the game.

McCabe and crew
McCabe and crew
My second game was against David Barnfather and Mai Feng’s Arcanist/Ten Thunder crew.

I think we had a bit of a rushed game due to time restrictions, I used Reconnaissance (I got 2 points), Plant Explosives (I got 3 points) and Bodyguard on Sidir Alchibal (I got 3 points).

David scored 7 points to my 8.

I’ve already bought several other models to add to this which I will be building for the next time I go to the club for the league, two of them are Mr. Graves and Mr. Tanner, because they look great (and can go into Neverborn as well).

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