Pedion Modular Battlefields – upcoming Kickstarter

I was just browsing through a few of the groups I am a member of last week and on a couple there was a plug for Pedion Modular Battlefield terrain.

This immediately piqued my interest as I’m after a reasonable terrain system for the skirmish games I play, most specifically Malifaux and will look great with lots of buildings and tarrain on top of it. I was after a 3’x3′ board for Malifaux and this looks as though it will fit my requirements as the modules come in 1’x1′ pieces and are only 0.4″ deep, according to the details George Panopoulos (the developer) has sent me a 4’x4′ board will stack to a height of approx. 40cm and weigh approx. 7lbs.

Taking this in a big box with the actual buildings and such on top would make my life so much easier, especially since I haven’t the time to build a board myself. It would also take up so little space in the house when not in use.

The other factor that is selling this to me rather than another famous modular board manufacturer is this will be sculpted and pre-painted so even that task is taken away.

George also sells game mats on his site that look excellent if that is all you need to put your own terrain on to.

I’ve signed up for the early bird updates at Prefundia so I will know as soon as the Kickstarter goes live.

For more details on the modular system go to


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