Info for Regionals at Beanie Games tomorrow

X-Wing Regionals
X-Wing Regionals
For Regionals at Beanie Games tomorrow in Stockton:

Hi there everyone, regionals day tomorrow so I just wanted to make sure everyone was ready, please please have a printed (or very neatly written) squad list ready to hand in at registration, remember to add to this list the 3 obstacles you will be using with your list (you can trace them onto your list).

Remember to bring all your ships, tiles, dials, tokens, templates, obstacles and damage deck. Check your damage deck to make sure it has the right cards in it.

Damage deck:

  • Blinded Pilot (2)
  • Console Fire (2)
  • Damaged Cockpit (2)
  • Damaged Engine (2)
  • Damaged Sensor Array (2)
  • Direct Hit! (7)
  • Injured Pilot (2)
  • Minor Explosion (2)
  • Minor Hull Breach (2)
  • Munitions Failure (2)
  • Structural Damage (2)
  • Stunned Pilot (2)
  • Thrust Control Fire (2)
  • Weapon Malfunction (2)

Please try and arrive on time, remember registration ends at 9.45 it’s gonna be a long day so we want to kick off on time 🙂

See you all there, and remember to have a nice time.

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