Intro to Malifaux

The Dreamer and crew
The Dreamer and crew
Had a great time last night at the Durham Raiders club for a couple of reasons:

  1. Went to a new club and met another group of people who shared my hobbies
  2. Played my first game of Malifaux

Now even though point one is extremely important and was really fun as the club was well run and really welcoming, point two was the main exercise of the night.

I have been humming and hawing for months on the viability of me continuing with Warhammer in any way whatsoever and came to the decision to start selling off my big armies to get into skirmish gaming and one of the first games that tickled my fancy was Malifaux.

I really loved the look of the models (and now I’ve seen them close up am totally blown away with the sculpts) and the steampunk/fantasy/horror theme really looked great.

It was great that another couple of Darlington’s Dogs of War club members fancied transitioning into Malifaux as well as this gave me more reason to go that way.

As part of this I picked up a pre-painted Neverborn crew to get me started and to see if I really like the game system, Lee has painted this great Dreamer crew which I’m really looking forward to trying out. I will be fleshing out the Neverborn faction but the faction I really want to get to grips with is the Outcasts (and most specifically The Viktorias).

Whilst talking about this change from Warhammer to Malifaux online I was offered a chance to play a learner game with Andrew Newton. Of course I jumped at the chance.

I met him and David at the Durham Raiders club and after a getting to know you chat (which was great fun guys 🙂 ) Andrew and I got down to play.


He had opened two small crews to learn with, I was playing Rasputina, Ice Golem and three Ice Gamin whilst Andrew was using Sonnia Crid, Samael Hopkins and three Witching Stalker.

I think it was good fortune that I had just finished my first read through of the rules (and just finished listening to a podcast about Rasputina) as a lot of the rules and strategies seemed to click into place very quickly.

We used a lovely set of Old West laser cut scenery that gave it the impression of a showdown at noon, which really added to the flavour.

We only ran the Reckoning Strategy just to see how Victory Points (VP) worked.

From the start of the game, apart from 2 Black Jokers, I seemed to Flip and Cheat really well, never really kicking off any of my major triggers though.

I kept tossing Gamin forwards and Ice Mirrored Rasputina’s 12″ range Shooting attacks through them, this seemed to work really well 😀 I scored a VP on turn 2 by killing off two of the Witchling Stalkers and on Turn 3 I killed his last one and had done quite a bit of damage to Sonnia Crid and then the Ice Golem charged her and smashed her wall off the wall, so another VP, so on Turn 4 he only had Samael Crid in play hidden in a house near Rasputina. A plucky Ice Gamin crashed through the window and Rasputina Ice Mirrored through it for the win.

A nice, quick-paced game which the cards really help with the tension and flavour, there were a couple of times where I could have killed something a turn earlier but the Black Joker appeared or Andrew outcheated me when I thought I had it made.

Overall a really fun game and thanks to Andrew for the run through and Durham Raiders for putting up with me.

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