Requiem Vampire Knight – a Kickstarter

Requiem Vampire Knight
Requiem Vampire Knight
Just had a request to give out info for a Kickstarter campaign that ends on 29th of May.

Requiem Vampire Knight: The Game

This Kickstarter is based on Pat Mill’s world Resurrection, but who I know better for his wonderful work on setting up and editing 2000AD, especially the Nemesis and Sláine storylines. His imagination really invigorated what was definitely a flagging UK comic scene at the time.

So for that alone I’m more than happy to plug this Kickstarter. It’s fully pledged at the moment and is now going for stretch goals.

From the Kickstarter page:

Requiem vampire knight is a strategic game for 2 or 4 players inspired from the universe of Resurrection.

If you don’t know the comics by Pat Mills and illustrated by Olivier Ledroit, I would strongly advise you that you rush to your favorite comic book shop to get all copies of it.

“Resurrection – a dark and twisted world where evil souls are reborn as monsters […] ” – Comixology

On Resurrection you’ll find a lot of crazy stuff: sadistic vampire knights, buxom pirate ghouls, decaying zombie soldiers, remote-controlled werewolves, armored centaur-riders, mad scientists, avaricious dragons, demonologist sorcerers, various bad divinities and genetic monsters and a lot of sexy (and sometimes willing) victims…

Requiem Vampire Knight: The Game

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