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Assemble Your Fleet
Assemble Your Fleet
Along with everyone else I was so stoked that Fantasy Flight Games was releasing a battlefleet-style battle miniatures game as X-Wing worked wonderfully as a skirmish game and still scaled up well to Epic play.

The last game I played like this was Battlefleet Gothic by Games Workshop and I loved that, the details of the ships were wonderful and it had a magnificently granular rules set (though neither were to everyones taste).

So it was with baited breath that I opened the box as soon as I got it home from Beanie Games after an F.N.X. outing.

The quality of the packaging shone once more, always well packaged and the material makes it feel like a premier product. I then got to the squadron models and after looking at them for a while I realised I felt really let down after only a week or so ago opening Imperial Assault and being really pleased with those. I know they have to be small to try and fit within the scale of the battlefleet feel, but these just seemed lumpy.

I thought I would feel better when I started getting to the larger ships, but again as soon as I saw the Corvette I was thoroughly disappointed with the size of it. I know I was used to Battlefleet Gothic’s smaller scale but with FFG products I as expecting something a bit more impressive. I was really unhappy with the painting on the Nebulon-B as it only seemed to be half-painted. The only model I was slightly happy with was the Imperial’s Victory-class Star Destroyer, but then it looks like most Imperial large ships, a flying trowel.

Missiles Away!
Missiles Away!
So after my initial disappointment I went about sorting through the tokens and such, putting the various bits and pieces together and again FFG have produced a slick product with simple tokens and such to hold together a good rule set and I decided to play a few games.

I’ve now played several games using both factions, some of the more advanced rules and made custom builds and such in doing so.

Again I have to say that I’m disappointed, I can’t quite pin it down but there is something about the game that is not gelling with me. The size (or not) of the models, the prospect of playing tournaments at 400pts, the unpainted squadrons, the mechanics, what? I wish I could like it as the prospect of fleet-wide battles does appeal to me, but not with this system.

I will hold onto it and may buy more to see if it improves with time as it could also just be where I am at the moment as I’ve never been disappointed with an FFG game before and it may just need more content before I ‘get’ it.

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