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TIE Phantom
TIE Phantom
At the Darlington Dogs of War club there has been a gradual point increase league and we are at 84pts now, and for tonights match I decided to fly both of the named TIE Phantoms.

The list turned out to be:

  • Veteran Instincts
  • Gunner
  • Fire-Control System
  • Advanced Cloaking System

Total 44pts

  • Veteran Instinct
  • Recon Specialist
  • Fire-Control System
  • Advanced Cloaking System

Total 40pts

Grand total = 84pts

TIE Phantom

My matchup was against Vader in the Advanced with Expert Handling, a TIE Bomber with two Concussion Missiles and Munitions Failsafe, then two Obsidian TIE Fighters.

I thought this might be a bit of a crushing victory but reminded myself that the asteroids are my enemy.

So my opponent started flying things quite slowly and conservatively, but I move 4 and cloaked and that’s when it went downhill for my opponent. Every time I decloaked I got out of arc and behind a ship of his, often at range 1 and because of the target locks started chewing away at his ships. First round of shooting I stripped most hull off the bomber and shield off Vader. Second round of shooting, the bomber went and I one shotted a fighter. Third round of shooting another fighter went and in the fourth round of shooting Vader went down, this was with the loss of one shield on the Phantoms side.

Admittedly my opponent was really unlucky with Vader going over asteroids three times, but I started really learning how to fly the phantoms, I never hit an asteroid through the whole game (which is actually a first for me 😉 ). I can really see why swarm players feared them, they could pick off one or two fighters a turn, especially if they get into range 1.

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