Thoughts on latest Space Wolves books

After a lot of anticipation I purchased both of the latest Space Wolves books; Codex: Space Wolves and Champions of Fenris and I went for Digital from Black Library once again as I like the portability of digital products.

This weekend gone I’ve spent most of my spare time reading both of them (and still going back to sort things out in my head) and on initial assessment I really like them though, inevitably, some of the fluff has been lost and some new fluff introduced for the new models.

Codex: Space Wolves
Codex: Space Wolves

My first thoughts of the Codex was that I wasn’t too keen on the included detachment, The Wolves Unleashed as it gave up Objective Secured for the Troop choices and for this you got the choice of up to 6 HQs. Well with Combined Arms Detachments from the 7th Edition Rulebook, I could still get the same aas I was usually running 6 Troop choices anyway for the benefit of Objective Secured (and I would rather spend points on Troops and others rather than HQs).

The other benefits from The Wolves Unleashed Detachment are; Jarl of Russ, but the normal CAD from the main rulebook gave a reroll on the Warlord Traits table (and I’m not too keen on the Codex: Space Wolves traits anyway, more about Warlord Traits later) and Cunning of the Wolf, but most of my troops (and others that are allowed to) are in Drop Pods and will continue to be in Drop Pods this was of little or no use to me.

I’m not going to write anything on the points changes or such as that has been done to death over the Internet and I will just have to see how it plays out when I put a list together and compare it to old lists.

I am going to write about the new models and different roles.

Logan and Stormrider
Logan and Stormrider

So let’s just get it out of the way. Logan Grimnar as a Lord of War annoys me, as does losing his ability to make Wolf Guard a Troop choice, one of my favourite lists was based around this idea. I don’t really mind the hover sled, though the paint job GW has done on it is too brash, this paint job by Lil Legend Studio is much more to my liking 🙂 harder, more battle worthy than the blingy one from GW.

Another change has made my Battle Forged Canis list redundant now also, I have 90 Fenrisian Wolves sitting around waiting for an Apocalypse game. Thankfully the 9 Thunderwolf Cavalry are better than before, but the Fast Attack spot is chock full of things I want to play.

Talking of things I want to play, I am really impressed with the fliers that the Wolves now have. Especially having the Stormwolf as Dedicated Transport for a lot of different squads. I have a boxed model and I’m still deciding whether to have it as the Stormwolf or to take a precious Heavy Suppport slot and build a Stormfang Gunship to put a squad of Long Fangs in, though a Lone Wolf feels better.

See what I mean, far too many good choices, but if I run 2 or 3 Combined Arms Detachments I get to choose more of these goodies than if I go with the The Wolves Unleashed Detachment.

A little bit about the Psychic powers for the Rune Priest, after the FAQ a couple of months ago when 7th Edition was released I started running Rune Priests with Runic Armour on Bikes with Biomancy in a squad of Fenrisian Wolves, if I run Rune Priests that’s the way I will keep it 🙂

Champions of Fenris
Champions of Fenris
Now onto the Champions of Fenris book. This is a different matter, I love it.

The Warlord traits are excellent, maybe even some of the best in Warhammer 40K. Fire in the Blood with a 2+ Terminator/Runic save anyway makes for a really survivable Warlord. Thread-cutter makes the leader a regular character killer, Gatekeeper Master-crafted is always good, Blessing of the Wolf one of the meh traits – one unit outflanking, Thane to the King Fearless is a bit meh again, and Deeds Beyond Counting in challenges Preferred Enemy is strong. If I rung the Company of the Great Wolf Detachment I would get to reroll the trait if I didn’t like it anyway.

Talking about the Company of the Great Wolf Detachment this is probably the Detachment I will eventually run most of the time anyway, Lone Wolf, Dreadnought, Murderfang, Wolf Guard, Wolf Guard Terminators, and Arjac Rockfist all with Bjorn and Ulrik as the HQs seem fine to me. This would then give me the benefit of Kingsguard +1WS for Wolf Guard, Wolf Guard Terminator, and Thunderwolf Cavalry is nothing to be shunned.

Oh and the opportunity to bring in Logan as Lord of War.

There are another couple of Formations from the Champions book I really like.

  1. Brethren of the Fell-Handed, 5+ invulnerable save and re-roll To Hit in close combat seems fun especially with them coming in close together in Drop Pods.
  2. Wolf Guard Thunderstrike will make for some fun faces with the Explosive Arrival and Thunderstike rules, twin linked goodness for all these models, especially if the Terminator squad has the Assault Cannon upgrade.

I’m really looking forward to putting together a punishing list to play next Wednesday 🙂 overall I think it’s a good new edition and supplement, with interesting new models to punish my fiends with.

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