Legendary creatures for Commander

I’ve really got into the Commander format, especially since it seems to be the most popular format played at the gaming club I go to.

This list is to keep me up to date with the Commander’s I have available:

Atalya, Samite Master
Avacyn, Guardian Angel
Celestial Kirin
Kongming, “Sleeping Dragon”

Aboshan, Cephalid Emperor
Alexi, Zephyr Mage
Azami, Lady of Scrolls
Barrin, Master Wizard
Blind Seer
Chisei, Heart of Oceans
Cloudhoof Kirin
Lu Xun, Scholar General
Uyo, Silent Prophet

Akuta, Born of Ash
Anowon, the Ruin Sage
Ascendant Evincar
Braids, Cabal Minion I know she can’t be used but will put her here anyway
Cabal Patriarch
Chainer, Dementia Master
Crovax the Cursed
Endrek Sahr, Master Breeder
Erebos, God of the Dead
Grandmother Sengir
Ihsan’s Shade
Irini Sengir
Kalitas, Bloodchief of Ghet
Mirri the Cursed
Ob Nixilis, Unshackled
Purraj of Urborg
Spirit of the Night

Balthor the Stout
Ben-Ben, Akki Hermit
Brothers Yamazaki
Kurkesh, Onakke Ancient
Rakka Mar

Anthousa, Setessan Hero
Autumn Willow
Daughter of Autumn
Eladamri, Lord of Leaves
Ezuri, Renegade Leader
Hua Tuo, Honored Physician

Anax and Cymede
Daxos of Meletis
Derevi, Empyrial Tactician
Dralnu, Lich Lord
Emmara Tandris
Gahiji, Honored One
Garza Zol, Plague Queen
Grimgrin, Corpse-born
Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord
Jeleva, Nephalia’s Scourge
Keranos, God of Storms
Marath, Will of the Wild
Mayael the Anima
Mirko Vosk, Mind Drinker
Nekusar, the Mindrazer
Nylea, God of the Hunt
Olivia Voldaren
Oloro, Ageless Ascetic
Prossh, Skyraider of Kher
Rakdos, Lord of Riots
Roon of the Hidden Realm
Rubinia Soulsinger
Ruhan of the Fomori
Ruric Thar, the Unbowed
Scion of the Ur-Dragon
Sek’Kuar, Deathkeeper
Sharuum the Hegemon
Shattergang Brothers
Sydri, Galvanic Genius
Triad of Fates
Trostani, Selesnya’s Voice
Tymaret, the Murder King

Bosh, Iron Golem

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