originally published on CCG Project 4th July 2014

Munchkin Deluxe
Munchkin Deluxe
Just bought Munchkin today, not sure what to class it as. I don’t think it’s a C.C.G. as the cards in the decks are pre-determined but it isn’t a board game (even though I bought the deluxe version which has a little board in it).

So I’ve decided that I will write about it in this blog and list any further games of this kind in The C.C.G. Project.

from Wikipedia

The goal of Munchkin is to reach level 10 (or level 20 in an “Epic” Level game). Every player starts as a “level 1 human with no class (Heh, heh)” and has to earn levels by killing monsters or other means. Other means include selling a thousand gold pieces worth of items, or playing “go up a level” cards. A typical game runs for around an hour.

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