M15 Pre-release in Durham

originally published on CCG Project 13th July 2014

Siege Dragon
Siege Dragon
After yesterday’s success I was all fired up for another go at this, I got there to find all the black seeded boxes gone… Luckily though I had been using Magic Drafting‘s M15 Sealed Pool Generator for some practice and had really liked most of the outcomes in choosing the red seeded box. So that’s what I did.

Other than the seeded promo rare, Siege Dragon, I pulled several other big bomb rares and built this deck:

1 Foundry Street Denizen
1 Generator Servant
1 Goblin Roughrider
1 Hoarding Dragon
1 Kird Chieftain
1 Krenko’s Enforcer
1 Siege Dragon
2 Soul of Shandilar
1 Torch Fiend

2 Ancient Silverback
2 Elvish Mystic
1 Invasive Species
1 Netcaster Spider
1 Siege Wurm

1 Spectra Ward

1 Cone of Flame
2 Lightning Strike

1 Titanic Growth

1 Meteorite

1 Evolving Wilds
2 Plains
6 Forest
8 Mountain

First round was against a W/B deck with the Resolute Archangel and Indulgent Tormentor it also had a lot of removal and stall cards which just kept stopping my bombs, all three games were tight and drawn out giving time for the reset angel to come out. 2-1 for my opponent.

Second round was against a very inexperienced player running a sub-optimal U/B/Artifact deck, I steam-rolled over him in less than ten minutes without having to use too many of my bombs. 2-0 for me.

Third round was against a W/B deck which seemed to get stuck for mana both games and I didn’t really see what he had to offer, again didn’t really need my bombs but a hasted turn 3 Soul is always good fun. 2-0 for me.

Fourth round was against a W/B deck which had a couple of strong artifacts as well as a good bit of removal and stall. The two strong artifacts that kept the games slow and reset one were, Soul of New Phyrexia and Perilous Vault. Both games were slow hard slogs, but I eventually won out. 2-0 for me.

Another enjoyable venue with great people working and playing there, definitely going back.

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