A long awaited return

Blood Angels
Blood Angels
I’ve just finished writing the last assignment for my last Open University course, this course really sucked up all my spare time due to the rigours of study and writing coherent words.

I now seem to have hours free every day to work on other things, such as my blog projects.

I’m going to review what I’ve got model-wise over the past several months, because even with all the studying and working full-time I never stopped buying models, and see what I want to do with them, especially considering a new edition of Warhammer 40,000 has dropped on us.

Talking about a new edition, the FAQs for both of my main armies, Blood Angels and Space Wolves, have taken away a lot of what made them individual, especially their unique psy-powers.

I’m sorely tempted to run my own chapter so I can use whichever Chapter Tactics I want to see which runs best for me and not to tie myself with a possible complete nerfing of my game.

As of tomorrow my Rune Priests will be on bikes using Biomancy, running in a pack of Fenrisian Wolves to go character hunting, looking forward to seeing how this goes.

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