End of December update

Well it’s been a while since my last update for the building of models and here is a pile in one go 🙂

I’ve finished building all the models from the Ogre Kingdoms battalion box and from this box (and some spares from the Mournfang Cavalry boxes) I was able to build 8 Ironguts, 4 Leadbelchers, 3 Ogre Bulls and a Bruiser with BSB. I still have to add some bits and bobs from various kits to finish the Bruiser but I’m quite pleased with him so far.

I’ve base-sprayed the previous load of models that I had already built and they are ready for painting now.

I’ve also fixed three Space Wolves drop pods that had an accident in transit (I dropped the box… ) they all work fine now and are ready for painting.

Next project on the work desk is six Thunderwolf Cavalry as part of the Apocalypse formation.

Christmas was also generous – I now have the parts of the Storm Wing formation to put together when I get the chance.

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