Boxes upon boxes…

Well I had my collecting head on for a while and I thought I would search out all the unmade and unpainted models I had acquired.

This turned out to be quite a few…

Will concentrate on building the Ogre Kingdom and Space Wolves models as these are my two main armies, once these are built I’ll build the starter sets so that I can practice painting on them.

This will probably be the Assault on Black Reach models first as I want a Space Marine ally contingent for the Sapce Wolves, just haven’t decided what gaps I want to fill with the contingent yet.

The Stormraven will be put off for a while as I want to see if the update to Space Wolves that’s rumoured for next year will allow this model into the army list.

Still waiting on a couple of more boxes to show, Slaughtermaster and Yehtees for my Ogre Kingdoms army, will post photos of them on this when they show.

Over the next few days (weeks) will try to post what I’ve already got in the way of painted and part-painted models.

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